Mini-CHP support

The mini-CHP promotion of mini-CHP incentive program is offered in the form of an investment grant. This one-time grant is subject to certain eligibility conditions of the executive authority, the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA), and mearly granted on application. The amount of fundling is dependent on the electrical performance of the installed mini-CHP system and starts at Euro 1.500 for a micro-CHP system with 1 kW. A funding maximum of Euro 3.500 can be achieved  for a 20 kW micro-CHP. In this section, the amount of mini-CHP support is demonstrated and explained the method to calculate each plant-specific subsidy rate. An attempt is also made to make a statement using these funding rates about the importance of investment support.


Additional mini-CHP support

In addition to the investment grant by the mini-CHP incentive program there are also other programs available for small cogeneration plants. In particular, states, municipalities and regional power companies offer a variety of financial incentives.

Moreover, the power can be produced  from a cogeneration plant using biomass in an EEG feed-in tariff. If fossil fuels such as natural gas, LPG or oil CHP plants are used, they can under certain conditions get a CHP surcharge according to the CHP law for the entire CHP electricity produced. Grants are also accessible for the construction of heat and cold storage facilities as well as for heating and cooling CHP plants networks and are available through the fulfillment of specific benchmarks.

To what extent these additional mini-CHP support can be taken together with the investment promotion of the mini-CHP incentive program to complete, will be clarified in the section “accumulation”.


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