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information page of the BHKW-Infozentrum to Mini CHP cogeneration units and the mini CHP incentive program, the BAFA support for mini-CHP and micro-CHP (picture: presentermedia/BHKW-Infozentrum) Small scaled CHP, also known as micro-CHP, allow a building owner to provide his house with ecological and economical electricity and heat. The employed technologies operate on the principle of combined heat and power – especially in the case of small engines and Stirling engines. Unfortunately the investment costs of a mini-CHP plant are relatively high. For this reason the Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU) launched a funding initiative to give the impetus to increase the deployment of mini-CHP systems: the mini-CHP incentive program.

Mini-CHP incentive program

Mini CHP plants are being funded under certain conditions and up to a capacity of 20 kW since April 2012, the so-called mini-CHP incentive program. This investment allowance granted only once and determined according to the electrical performance of the micro-CHP lies between 1.500, – € and 3.500 €. Regulatory for this mini-CHP support are the “Guidelines for the promotion of cogeneration systems up to 20 kW” of 17 January 2012″. Executive authority is the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control.

Information page for the promotion of mini-CHP

This information platform provides information on the current mini-CHP incentive program and the eligibility requirements for micro-CHP and micro-CHP. In addition, general information about mini-CHP technologies are provide as well as exemplary micro-CHP projects and mini-CHP modules from December 2013.

The “News” section is constantly supplemented. Current statistics for the mini-CHP incentive program will also be published in this category. A press review also complements the information provided. The information is clearly structured in the top navigation bar in separate categories. The contents of each category are listed in the left navigation bar.


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