CHP specialist events

Mini-CHP conferences (picture: Sergey Nivens - Fotolia)As part of the accompanying scientific research of the mini-CHP incentive program several events are implemented surrounding mini-CHP on an annual basis.

 Mini-CHP conferences

A total of two mini-CHP conferences occur with around 150 participants respectively. These mini-CHP conferences are intended both to inform and also initiate a dialogue between the mini-CHP industry and the Federal Ministry of Environment, Energy and Nuclear Safety. For more information, see the section “Conferences”.

In addition to informative lectures, panel discussions are scheduled at each event.

 Mini-CHP workshops

In addition, a total of two scientific workshops will be realized between now and 2015. The objectives of the workshops to which 40-50 specialists are invited will provide an additional input to the accompanying scientific research and generate feedback to proposals resulting from that research. For more information, see the section “Scientific Workshop”.

 Mini-CHP advisory board meetings

A scientific advisory board with from 5-10 CHP experts supports the accompanying scientific research through substantive input. For this purpose, a total of two Board meetings will take place in 2014 and 2015.

Other CHP Events

BHKW Consult continually offers an extensive amount of  education courses. These include cogeneration planners seminars and thematic workshops, conferences and annual meetings. For the past 12 years, the largest German-language CHP annual conference has been held each year in  spring. The next conference in Mai 2014 in Potsdam.


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