Research accompanying the mini-CHP incentive program

Since the 1st of  April 2012 the mini-CHP program has been funding brand new mini-CHP with a maximum electrical power of 20 kW, if they met certain conditions. Depending on the performance of a mini-CHP module funding levels vary between 1.500, – € for mini-CHP with 1 kW of electric power and a maximum of 3.500, – Euros for a mini-CHP system with a capacity of 20 kW.


Associated scientific research

As part of renewed  mini-CHP policy, the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) has assigned the accompanying scientific research and ongoing monitoring to the business concern Prognos AG. Prognos AG receives significatn support from the Institut for Energy and Environmental Research in Heidelberg (IFEU) and the engineering firm BHKW-Consult and the internet platform BHKW-Infozentrum.


Objectives of the associated scientific research

Specific objectives of the Prognos AG, ifeu, BHKW-consult and BHKW-Infozentrum resulting from the accompanying scientific research are in particular as follows:

  • ongoing implementation of monitoring and performance reviews as a directive
  • observation of the market for mini-CHP and micro-CHP systems
  • creation of a scientifically sound basis for further development of mini-CHP directives
  • maintain the innovation for climate protection and the mini-CHP sector
  • placement of the publicity and the issues surrounding mini-CHP through events and publications

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