news to the mini-CHP incentive program

News zum Mini-KWK-Impulsprohgramm (Fotolia/maxkabakov)

Current Information – These pages are currently only available in German.

Updates the mini-CHP incentive program

The investment promotion program for mini-CHP in the performance range of up to 20 kW of electrical power has been in place since the 1rst of  April 2012. The “News for mini-CHP incentive program” provides information on current press releases, new statistics as well as amendments to the mini-CHP funding. In addition, press releases are listed in the section “Press” for mini-CHP incentive program and links provided.


Combined heat and power (CHP)

Those interested in some basic knowledge of the thematic field of combined heat and power (CHP) can find information within the section “General Information” on the pages of the BHKW-Infozentrum. There, for example, the greenhouse effect , limitations of natural resources, and the principles of cogeneration are explained. These pages are currently only available in German.


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